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Extracurricular Programs

Extracurricular Programs

About Extracurricular Programs

The Montessori School of Westminster offers a realm of possibilities to students

While the time-tested curriculum developed by Dr. Montessori includes classic academics and more, MSW’s extracurricular programs spark the interests of today’s students. Spanish language lessons are delivered to students of all ages by the school’s foreign language instructor. Adjunct instructors bring Physical Education and Chorus to children in first grade and above. Fine Art is delivered via specific lessons or by a qualified artist.

An emphasis on the outdoors is provided by the school’s robust Environmental Education program which takes advantage of MSW’s forested areas, wide lawns, and running stream. Aquatic studies, trail building, stewardship, and maple tree tapping are samples of MSW’s Environmental Education’s activities.

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Our Extra Curricular Programs

Spanish Language Instruction

Environmental Education

Physical Education


Fine Art Instruction

About After-School Activities

MSW offers a rotating schedule of fun activities to interest children after school

Robotics, fitness, dance, performing arts, soccer, chess, Garden Adventure Club, and a thriving Girl Scout program represent periodic and school-year activities that are options for students of many ages at MSW. A hiking club convenes on weekends for regional explorations.

An active parent organization supports the school with its agenda of activities for parents and students alike.

About School Events

Your child will find a multitude of events to add appeal to the school year

Annual events occur bringing together groups of students, and often, families are invited too.

  • Winter & spring concerts
  • Grandparent visitation days
  • “Trunk or Treat”
  • Literary tea
  • Story night
  • Country research fair
  • Student-led luncheons
  • Off-campus workplace internships
  • Team-building trips
  • Parent education seminars
  • Science fair
  • EARTHCon
  • Immersion weeks for Middle School students at Lake Anna, Virginia
  • Overnight trips for Upper Elementary students
  • Student-designed charitable projects
  • Resident artist week-long programs
  • Middle School adventure trips across the US


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