Age 2 to Grade 9

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

MSW Summer Camp will return in 2023!

Summer Camp 2023 Registration

Opens Late Winter/Early Spring

montessori school of westminster Summer Camp

take advantage of the opportunity MSW summer camp provides to acquaint your child with the school

Because the Montessori School of Westminster offers a summer camp program, many families of new school-year students take advantage of the opportunity camp provides to acquaint their child with the school. Families can sign up for one or more weeks of camp for their child of ages three to ten. Summer camp allows the child to learn his or her way around our academic building, the UTZ Field House, and our 27-acre campus. The child meets staff members, and the child will make friends with children who will attend MSW with him or her in the fall. Contact MSW for additional information about its summer camp program.

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About Our Summer Camp Staff

camps are staffed by specially trained Montessori guides

Both MSW’s Primary and Elementary camps are staffed with specially trained Montessori guides for morning sessions. The afternoons are under the guidance of our Before- and After-Camp Care staff. All day long, campers are spending as much time outside as possible playing games, participating in water activities, or exploring our 27-acre campus.

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2022 Summer Camp Activities

Under the Sea

week 1: June 20-24

Let's dive in and learn about the oceans, reefs, and marine life!

Waiting List - Call 410-848-6283

Fine Art Fanatics

week 2: June 27-July 1

This week will be filled with art, music, dancing, and fun!

Waiting List - Call 410-848-6283

Wacky, Wonderful Weather!

week 3 - July 5-8*

Weather can be impressive and unpredictable! This week, we will discuss the many types of weather we experience!

Waiting List - Call 410-848-6283

Creepy Crawlers

week 4: July 11-15

We will explore the wonderful world of invertebrates including insects, arachnids, mollusks, and more!

Waiting List - Call 410-848-6283

Around the World in 5 Days

week 5: July 18-22

A quick trip around the world to discover the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe, with a pit stop in Antarctica!.

Waiting List - Call 410-848-6283

MSW Mad Scientists

week 6: July 25-29

This week is full of inquiry and discovery, plus a lot of fun experiments!

Waiting List - Call 410-848-6283

The Wonders of the Human Body

week 7: August 1-5

The younger students will explore the 5 senses, while the older students explore body systems!

Waiting List - Call 410-848-6283

About Our Summer Camps

Outdoor activities and time for imaginative play

Our summer camp program focus: Outdoor activities on MSW’s 27-acre campus and the opportunity for children to be engaged in imaginative play. Camp is a time of relaxed schedules and freedom in natural surroundings. The relaxed atmosphere allows young minds to be open to new discoveries.


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