Age 2 to Grade 9
Supporting our Annual Fund

Thank you to everyone who Supported our Winter Giving campaign!

Your gift is an Investment in education.
Winter Giving is the one time per year the Montessori School of Westminster does direct solicitation for cash gifts to support the Annual Fund. The Winter Giving drive is the school’s primary fundraiser of the year and the main source of funding for MSW’s Annual Fund, but contributions are welcome throughout the year.

We invite our whole community to NURTURE CREATIVE THINKERS. To learn how MSW’s Annual Fund supports our curricula and learning enviroment, visit the Development and fundraising webpage.

Winter Giving Tree

Let’s come together as a community to fill the MSW Winter Giving Tree!

To recognize donations made during the Winter Giving appeal, an ornament with the name of your student(s), family, or business will be displayed on MSW’s Winter Giving Tree by the front doors through the New Year and promoted on the school’s social media. Help us achieve 100% participation from all our families by making your donation today! We want everyone to feel a part of supporting our school during this time of giving. Every gift is important!

Each ornament on the tree represents our community’s belief in our Montessori learning environment.

Silver Ornament

Red Ornament

Yellow Ornament

Up to $49
Blue Ornament

Our Environmental Education program

Our Environmental Education program takes full advantage of the outdoor spaces

The students are able to learn about animal habitats, identification of plants and trees, stream studies, wilderness survival skills, and stewardship of the environment right in their school’s back yard!


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