Age 2 to Grade 9

What happens when students move on to other schools after being in a Montessori classroom? By the end of age five, Montessori children are normally curious, self-confident learners who look forward to going to school. They are normally engaged, enthusiastic learners who honestly want to learn and who ask excellent questions. Montessori children by age […]

How is a student’s progress reported in a Montessori school? Because Montessori believes in individually paced academic progress, most schools do not assign letter grades or rank students within each class according to their achievement. Student progress, however, is measured in different ways.  At the Montessori School of Westminster, parent/teacher conferences are an integral part […]

Is Montessori classroom unstructured? At first, Montessori may look unstructured to some people, but it is actually quite structured at every level. Just because the Montessori program is highly individualized does not mean that students can do whatever they want. At the early childhood level, external structure is limited to clear-cut ground rules and correct […]

What is a Montessori education? A key difference between a Montessori education classroom and more traditional classrooms is this:  Rather than present students with right answers, Montessori educators lead students to ask their own questions and to discover how to find answers for themselves. Students are actively engaged in the process. Children are driven by […]